Individual Items

Below is pricing information on all of our items as well as awesome packages that’ll get you through the Summer! Take a look…

Mini Beach Chair- $9.00/day

Large Beach Lounge Chair- $13.00/day

Umbrellas- $20.00/day

(25% non refundable deposit charged at time of booking. All invoices will be charged in full within 48 hours of booking)

The exclusive Free Delivery Beach Rental Service covering all of Amelia Island. Why buy chairs, tents or canopy’s that will not fit into your crowded car to take back home, when you can spend less money to rent quality beach equipment for your vacation and have it delivered or even set up for FREE I

We offer Daily or Weekly rentals. Daily rentals include free set up/ take down of all equipment. Weekly rentals offer complimentary set up for the first three days of your reservation as well as take down. Check out our inventory and make your reservations now!

*It is the responsibility of the customer to be aware of all weather forecasts within the duration of their rental period. SunSetter’s is not responsible for a refund due to any weather with the exception of life threatening conditions (I.E. hurricanes, tornadoes.)

We service all Amelia Island beach accesses EXCLUDING: Ocean Place Condominiums and Carlton Dunes due to HOA access changes